St Giles, Aintree

in the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

Jesus Christ held marriage in high regard and encouraged faithful,

meaningful and supportive relationships to flourish.

In John's gospel he did his first miracle, turning water
into wine at the wedding in Cana. Some party!

A wedding is one of life’s great moments, a time of solemn commitment 

as well as good wishes, feasting and joy.

At St Giles, we provide a venue to make your wedding day a wonderful day

for you, your family and friends. If you are considering getting married at St Giles,

please check if one of these applies to one of you:

  • Baptised ('Christened') or prepared for confirmation in our parish.
  • Has lived in our parish for six months or more.
  • regularly attended public worship in our parish for six months or more.
  • one of your parents has lived in the parish for six months or more in your lifetime.
  • one of your parents has regularly attended public worship here for six months or more during your lifetime.
  • your parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

​To book a wedding, contact the Vicar, who will then meet you to discuss availability and your requirements.

Most weddings take place by reading banns. If so, your banns read at our 10.30am service on the first three Sundays of the month proceeding your wedding. Many couples enjoy hearing their names read and having a prayer as they finish planning!

If one of you lives in another parish, you will need to have your banns read there as well. We are happy to advise and help with this step! 

Renewing Your Vows
We are also happy to offer a Service of Blessing after a registry office marriage or a Renewal of Wedding Vows, on the occasion of your Silver or Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Where do I start?

Contact the Vicar, after a service, or via phone or email. The following website has some helpful tips!


Life events happen to all of us.  From our own baptisms, celebrating our union with our partners through the sanctity of marriage, the baptism of our children and to the days when we say goodbye to loved ones, faith plays a significant role in helping us to celebrate for to cope with loss.

​Here at St Giles, we are here to help you through these big events.

Life Events