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Lent & Easter Resources 2021

Lockdown Lent & Easter from St Giles

Actual & Online Resources for Lent & Holy Week during lockdown

Lent Prayer Sheets

If you have missed our Sunday Evening prayers in Lent,  please download the service sheets for your own use.

Videos to accompany these are available on St Giles' Facbeook page.

Celtic Evening Prayer

Franciscan Evening Prayer



Lectio Divina

Please click on the link to download the service sheet.


The national Church of England resources for Lent 2021. 

Contains reflections, a Bible reading & prayer from Ash Wednesday (17th February) to Easter Sunday (4th April).

Follow this link to download the free app or sign up for email updates each day.


Enjoy this service at home, or via the video on our Youtube channel.

This 20 minute video takes you through Jesus' last journey. You may like to pause and set your own pace - it goes quite fast!

St Giles Lent 2021

Based on the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola, this is a short reflective prayer sheet, designed for use in Lent.

All you need is 5 minutes and a candle!

St Giles Prayer Sheet Lent 2021

Sunday Club At Home

Sefton North Deanery

Weekly Resources & for children through Lent & Easter - produced for our local area.

Check back each week for new resources!

Sunday Club at home God's Love .pdf

​Sunday Club at Home - Jesus in the Wilderness

Sunday Club at Home - Jesus in the Wilderness, pt. 2.

Women at the Well 1.docx

Sunday Club at Home - Following Jesus

A short service to mark Holy Saturday; and welcome in the Resurrection overnight.

Follow it through Facebook at 7:30 pm or  on Youtube later.

For service sheet, please click here.

Holy Week Eucharist - Maundy Thursday

Lego Lent Challenge
Like lego? Want to build your way through Lent? 
Follow this Lego lent challenge from 15th March to work your way through Holy Week!

Lego Lent Challenge

St Giles, Aintree