St Giles, Aintree

in the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool

Seasonal Events & Campaigns

This Easter, we are holding a raffle for the first time. Here are the details, and pictures of the potential prizes.

Community Fundraising

We are incredibly grateful when members of our local community help fundraise for us.

We really  appreciate their support and their creativity. Below are details of some of their ongoing campaigns.

Thank you so much!

Ethan's JustGiving fundraiser

To maintain all of our work, we rely on the generosity of your donations.

Your giving 

Sustains our church building, as a sacred place dedicated to worship, prayer and witness.

Your giving 

Sustains our parish clergy across the Diocese of Liverpool and trains new clergy.

Your giving 

Sustains our parish ministry, measured by every ill person visited, every bereaved family comforted, every baptism celebrated, every sermon preached, organ note played, Eucharist celebrated, every social event and person shown the love of Christ.

Your giving 

Sustains mission both here in this Diocese of Liverpool and overseas for people we will never meet but to whom we are able to give practical support through our ministry of giving.

Our Challenge 

is to raise enough money each year to maintain our mission. In order to do this we participate in a planned regular giving scheme known as the Parish Giving Scheme; or through monthly envelopes.

This scheme ensures that we benefit from Gift Aid on all appropriate donations. 


If you would like to support St Giles and our work, you are able to make a donation through our JustGiving page

You can also contribute through bank transfer. Please contact us for our details!

​Some of our congregation members saying thank-you!